Asbestos exposure results in $90k fines for moving company

Brantley Brothers Moving & Storage Co., Inc., was cited for 14 serious safety violations, carrying proposed penalties of $90,000, after an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigation uncovered asbestos exposure hazards at a warehouse. The firm, which provides residential, corporate, laboratory and international moving services, has been in operation for 45 years.

"In 2015, nobody should be surprised to learn that asbestos exposure is dangerous," Kris Hoffman, director of OSHA's local Area Office, said in a news release. "Brantley Brothers required its employees to remove dry asbestos from piping without any personal protection equipment. Asbestos exposure can cause cancer and asbestosis, which is a serious lung disease, so having untrained and unprotected workers conduct such work is both irresponsible and totally unacceptable."

The moving and storage company was cited for failing to provide workers with adequate safety and health precautions when removing pipes and pipe insulation containing asbestos at the warehouse. Furthermore, the asbestos had not been identified prior to removal, resulting in a failure to properly contain and store the hazardous material. Employees were not trained in proper asbestos removal practices. Exit routes at the facility were also blocked, resulting in a fire hazard.

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