Can Behavior Based Safety prevent OSHA citations?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently fined Rasi Laboratories Inc., a nutritional supplement manufacturer, $210,000 for several safety violations at the company's Somerset, New Jersey, facility. The agency inspected the firm in October 2013 and found that Rasi had not properly protected its staff from loss of hearing hazards.

In addition, the company was cited for not implementing a lockout/tagout program, which would shield workers from injury while using or operating near heavy machinery.

"This employer continues to endanger its workers by failing to correct hazardous conditions and failing to implement an injury and illness prevention program," said Robert Kulick, OSHA regional administrator in New York, in an official statement. "Such disregard for worker safety is unacceptable."

One of the benefits of using IndustrySafe to help manage safety programs is that it allows you to use behavior based safety (BBS) to train workers on how to avoid hazards and use best practices. In this situation, BBS could encourage workers to wear hearing protection and always lockout a piece of energized equipment when they are done using it. 

It's worth noting that the violations that Rasi Laboratories received were considered repeat infractions due to the fact that the company had been previously cited by OSHA and failed to correct the hazards that were identified at the time. By using IndustrySafe as your principal OSHA software, you can call up information from old inspections and use it to ensure that your organization won't fail audits in the future.

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