Florida contractor cited for willfully exposing workers to fall hazards

Jacksonville, Florida-based roofing firm, Transformers Construction Services Inc., was cited for one willful and two serious safety violations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), carrying penalties of $79,900. The report indicates that the firm exposed workers to fall hazards of up to 16 feet, a problem it has previously been cited for five times since 2011.

“Transformers Construction is aware workers need to be protected from dangerous falls, but deliberately allows employees to work one slip away from death,” said Brian Sturtecky, OSHA’s area director, in a release. “Home builders and general contractors that continue to hire and turn a blind eye to their sub-contractor’s poor safety record is an unacceptable work practice.”

The firm was also cited for failing to properly brace roof trusses so that they wouldn’t collapse and not providing a ladder or stairs to access the upper level of the roof structure, two serious violations of OSHA regulations. The company’s worksite was inspected randomly as part of OSHA’s ongoing Regional Emphasis Program on Falls in Construction. The site was part of a subcontract for A&G Construction Group Inc., also of Jacksonville, but the latter firm was not cited for the violations. OSHA did, however, issue a general warning regarding safety on contractor projects.

Keeping the workplace safe by practicing sound behavior-based safety measures is a paramount priority for any construction firm whether it’s the primary company on the job or a contractor. This is why proper training programs and safety reporting are a required part of business operations within any industry. If you’re interested in learning how IndustrySafe’s safety inspection software and OSHA reporting solutions can help businesses meet this standard, contact us today or visit our website.