Is my firm ready to rely on behavior-based safety?

On May 1, IndustrySafe will be hosting a free webinar on the topic of behavior based safety (BBS) and how this can be implemented using our software for iPad and PC. Despite its usefulness in ensuring that an organization is complying with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, many employers are unaware of this system of safety enforcement.

BBS focuses on employee behaviors as a way of making sure that the company as a whole is adhering to statewide and federal regulations regarding physical hazards in the workplace. By implementing incentive programs that reward staff for taking compliance seriously, you'll stand a greater chance of avoiding OSHA citations.

Having said that, not every employer can adopt BBS measures and make them work. It's important to have a solid organizational structure in place beforehand, so that incentives and punishment can be dealt effectively:

  • Leadership: You need to have a hierarchy in place, and the BBS measures need to be enacted by those individuals at the top. Without this leadership, employees will be much less likely to respect BBS policies.
  • Measurement: It's important to have a way of measuring employee compliance and the effectiveness of the BBS model.
  • Safety systems: An employer who already has strong safety systems in place — meaning they already have a program that involves inspecting the facility and training workers — will have a much easier time setting up a BBS reward structure.

If you'd like to learn more about how BBS can help your firm become safer and avoid OSHA penalties, we highly recommend registering for the IndustrySafe BBS webinar on May 1. We'll not only walk you through BBS, but also how IndustrySafe can help you properly implement such a program. Click here to register!