Join IndustrySafe for our May 1 webinar on Behavior Based Safety!

IndustrySafe, the leading safety management software, will be holding an informational webinar on May 1 that will focus on the topic of behavior based safety (BBS), and how this approach to protecting your staff can be effective in helping you avoid citations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The webinar will also focus on how IndustrySafe can help make your BBS program more effective.

BBS is the practice of encouraging your workers to use industry best practices to ensure that they are not exposed to physical hazards. Rather than simply leaving it up to your safety management team to protect the rest of your staff, BBS allows every employee to have a part in avoiding injury and illness in the workplace.

The way a firm can accomplish this is by instituting a framework of incentives that reward workers for complying with OSHA regulations. Employees who complete training and successfully prevent injury to themselves and their coworkers can be rewarded and given preferential treatment for raises, promotions and other incentives.

It can be difficult to inspect every nook and cranny of a facility and ensure that all employees are performing their jobs safely, particularly with large organizations. BBS is a way to ensure safe practices are being used even when you're not monitoring employee actions.

IndustrySafe can help with instituting a BBS program by allowing you to track safety training and know which employees have completed all necessary educational requirements. You can create individual profiles for each staff member that will allow you to examine their safety record and determine if they have earned BBS incentives.

For more information, we hope you'll attend our webinar. To register, click here!