Meet Our Team: Spotlight on Thomas Hoban
June 9, 2017

In June 2017, Thomas Hoban joined the IndustrySafe team as our Information Security Analyst. In his role as Information Security Analyst, Thomas will develop and implement information security policies, plans and procedures; perform vulnerability assessments; and promote security awareness throughout […]

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Read IndustrySafe’s May Newsletter
May 25, 2017

Learn about IndustrySafe’s 5.11 Release Launch Learn about IndustrySafe’s 5.11 software release, launching at the start of June! This update will allow users to comply with OSHA’s final rule requiring the electronic submission of record-keeping data. Update on OSHA’s Electronic […]

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Meet Our Team: Spotlight on Andrew Geden
May 22, 2017

Andrew Geden joined the IndustrySafe Safety Software team as the Marketing and Support Assistant in April of 2017. As part of his role, Andrew supports the business development of the IndustrySafe software through its marketing efforts. He regularly maintains the […]

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What to expect from IndustrySafe’s 5.11 Release
May 18, 2017

The IndustrySafe Safety Software team is excited to announce the launch of IndustrySafe’s 5.11 Release, which will be rolled out to customers throughout the week of June 12. This release was developed so that you can comply with OSHA’s New […]

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IndustrySafe to Exhibit at the 2017 ASSE Conference in Denver
May 9, 2017

It’s the time of the year once again for IndustrySafe to attend the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Exposition, hosted this year in Denver, Colorado on June 19 to 22. Each year the ASSE Expo aims to provide the […]

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IndustrySafe will be attending the ATD 2017 Expo in Atlanta
April 20, 2017

The IndustrySafe sales team is excited to announce it will be attending the Association for Talent Development (ATD) 2017 International Conference and Exposition on May 21-24 in Atlanta, Georgia. The ATD Expo is hosted each year to attract talent development […]

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Register now for IndustrySafe’s upcoming webinars
April 18, 2017

Employees are the core of how an organization operates, making it highly critical that employers appropriately manage working conditions. Yet the large pool of data that is required for proper safety management can be overwhelming. That’s why the IndustrySafe team […]

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Read IndustrySafe’s April Newsletter
April 13, 2017

Learn about IndustrySafe’s Upcoming 5.11 Release Next month, the IndustrySafe safety software team will launch IndustrySafe’s 5.11 release, which will allow users to comply with OSHA’s final rule requiring the electronic submission of recordkeeping data. According to this final rule, […]

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IndustrySafe Vice President Led Western Energy Operations Conference Seminar
April 11, 2017

TRA, Inc. Vice President, Clare Epstein, recently led a crucial safety seminar how to leverage technology to improve operational safety at the 2017 Western Energy Operations Conference. Maintaining safety in the workplace is no small task, requiring organizations to track, […]

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Meet Our Team: Spotlight on Gabe Tompkins
April 3, 2017

Gabe Tompkins has been a valued member of the IndustrySafe safety software team since 2005. In his role as Senior Product Manager, Gabe oversees the product development of the IndustrySafe software and has served as project manager for multiple successful IndustrySafe […]

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