Fatal construction accident highlights need for proper incident reporting

Even if you think that your company has all the appropriate protections in place, if you're not using environmental health and safety management software, you may be missing certain hazards or unaware of certain aspects of OSHA compliance. One recent OSHA citation highlights the fact that tragic and fatal workplace accidents can happen at any time.

A 26-year-old employee of Gehring Construction & Ready Mix Concrete tragically lost his life last April. The worker was operating a front-end loader and was trying to free a concrete truck stuck in the mud. During this effort, a link in the tow chain snapped. The force caused the tow chain to fly back and crash through the window of the cab, fatally striking the young employee. 

"This was a tragic and preventable death that has forever altered the lives of this employee's wife and three children," said Darwin Craig, the agency's acting director in Omaha. "No worker should fail to return home at the end of the day. Employers must review their operating and training procedures to ensure that safety is the first priority on the job site."

OSHA officials declared that the tragedy may not have taken place had Gehring Construction put in place procedures to protect the worker from struck-by hazards. The company received two serious and one other-than-serious safety violations totaling a fine of $14,630. The other-than-serious violation was for failing to notify OSHA within eight hours of the accident — the agency was not notified until two days after the tragedy. 

This event underscores the importance of having incident reporting software to ensure all proper procedures are followed after an event. To learn how IndustrySafe can better protect your workers and ensure your work site is complying with OSHA regulations, visit out website