Let safety software help you conduct a crane inspection
February 13, 2018

Crane inspections should be conducted at least once a year.

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IndustrySafe Launches a Mobile App to Help Organizations Improve Safety Inspections
December 13, 2017

IndustrySafe, a leading safety management software, is pleased to announce the launch of its mobile inspections app. This app allows workers to conduct EHS inspections from their mobile devices, with or without internet access. The mobile app works in conjunction with […]

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How mobile apps can help with EHS inspections
November 24, 2017

Organizations allocating resources to mobile EHS applications are likely to see considerable improvements, as such software can improve the key compliance activity that constitutes the foundation of effective workplace safety operations: the inspection.

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The ROI of using mobile technology for EHS inspections [Video]
November 16, 2017

OSHA issued more than fifty eight thousand citations and assessed almost one billion dollars in accompanying penalties in 2016. A majority of the firms that incurred these fines could have ultimately avoided them by performing regular environmental health and safety […]

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IndustrySafe Offline Mobile Inspections App Coming Soon!
August 11, 2017

The IndustrySafe Safety Software team is excited to announce that we are developing an offline mobile inspections app! The app is scheduled to be released this winter, and will be available for download within the App Store® and on Google […]

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How important is keeping emergency exits unobstructed?
September 23, 2016

Since 2010, OSHA has issued on discount retailer more than 100 health and safety violations, many of which are due to blocked exit​ ways.

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Top 5 safety hazards in poultry processing industry
September 23, 2016

Poultry processing facilities present many health and safety hazards for their workers.

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What happens when a company fails to correct violations?
July 18, 2016

What happens when a company fails to correct violations it received from a previous inspection? 

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DOT Periodic Vehicle Inspection Checklist
July 14, 2016

This checklist includes key vehicle maintenance items that should be reviewed on a periodic basis to ensure safety and compliance with DOT regulations. 1. Brake System Item Reference Description Status Comments 01 FMCSA 396.17 Appendix G – 01.a Service Brakes […]

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DOT Driver Vehicle Inspection Checklist
July 13, 2016

This checklist includes vehicle items a driver should inspect on a day to day basis before and after driving the vehicle to be in compliance with DOT regulations. 1. Equipment Provided by Motor Carrier Item Reference Description Status Comments 01 […]

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