Winter hazards in the manufacturing industry [Video]

As parts of the country recently experienced severe winter conditions, it’s important to highlight specific cold-weather hazards facing the manufacturing industry. Many manufacturers around the country work hard to protect their workers from harm, yet winter can be especially problematic, especially if harsh conditions unfold sooner than previously expected. 

The first major winter hazard for manufacturers is vehicle safety. It’s important for employers to equip company vehicles with snow tires with proper tread and de-icing windshield washer fluid. Additionally, it may be best to perform a preventive maintenance check before letting employees take the wheel.

Other hazards include icy sidewalks or walkways, which could led to slip, trip or fall injuries. Meanwhile, melted snow could cause electrical shock around improperly grounded equipment. Employers shouldn’t underestimate the effects of cold weather itself if workers operate out of doors.

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