Safety KPIs: Percent of Overdue JSAs [Video]

Regular Job Safety Analyses (JSA) conducted by safety professionals help ensure potential hazards in the workplace don’t go unnoticed or unidentified. Consistent JSA evaluations also improve communication among supervisors, employees and safety professionals while fostering a safer working environment.

But this only works if those JSA are actually performed on a consistent basis. To guarantee that JSA assessments are conducted in a timely fashion, it’s essential for safety professionals to be able to track the percentage of JSAs¬†that are still pending for reviews at a given time.

IndustrySafe Safety Management Software’s pre-built¬†dashboard chart can automatically calculate this percentage and determine when and where your Next Review Data for JSAs may be overdue. For more information on how IndustrySafe can help you conduct thorough, timely JSAs , visit our website.